Will and Lily share romantic feelings for each other. In series 1 , episode 6 , they kiss to stop Zac finding Eve. In series 1 , episode 12 , Lily does not hug Will and leaves , then Eve told Abe she thought Lily liked Will and Abe replied that she does and that she didn't hug him because she likes him too much. In the same episode , they hug as Will , Eve and Nick are trying to run from Katherine. Eve sees this as rethinks her decision of running away because of the chemistry Will and Lily have. Eve goes to Calimov to save their relationship.

In series 2 , episode 3 , Lily , Will and Eve have to look after Lily's little tearaway cousin , Zoe. Lily tells Will that she's sorry for all the chaos Zoe is causing and he tells her that it is not her fault , he then cuddles her. In series 2 , episode 10 , Lily is arrested for hacking so Will and Eve are on a mission to free her. Mary tells them that she can get Lily free if they destroy Project Eternity.2 . They agree and go to Calimov to destroy it. Will ends up bringing KT to life. In the next episode they pretend that they destroy the prototype infront of Mary. Mary believes this and drops all charges against Lily. In series 2 , episode 12 , Will nearly dies because of the EMP that destroys all technology. The EMP wipes out Will's nanobots as he lies on the floor in the arms of Lily. Eve , Nick and Rebecca arrive and Rebecca gave some of her nanobots to Will , making him come back alive.

In series 3 , episode 1 Will, Lily, Eve, Abe, Nick and Rebecca get dressed up for a reopening party at Calimov. Lily and Will compliment each other saying how good they look. In episode 4 of series 3 , Will gets jealous of Lily and Cain hanging around with each other. Eve asks Will if he upset because someone he loves ( Lily ) is more interested in hanging out with Cain or is he upset because someone ( Cain ) has something ( Lily ) he wants . Will pretends that he is not upset at all but Eve , Abe and Lily knows he is. In episode 6 , Will protects Cain from KT with his nanobots but she kept winning. Lily ran up to Will to stop them but Cain pushed Will into Lily causing the pair to go flying , and Cain gets hit with KT's powers and he dies. In the next episode, Lily and Will were not speaking to each other, but Katherine managed to change Lily's mind. Lily apologises to Will and they make up. In episode 8, Will gets taken to Calimov. Lily asks if he is ok, he replies ok and smiles after she touches his hand. In the hour-long episode, Will decides to become fully human so that he could be with Lily and his family. Eve texts Will and Lily pretending to be each other so that they will make up. Her plan works and Lily and Will go to the school prom together. While at the prom, Abe goes up to the pair all tells them that they can go to a private space in the cloakroom, unless they want to get caught snogging. Near to the end of the episode, they kiss again.