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Katherine Calvin

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At the end of Episode 12, Katherine is caught in the explosion that blows up Calimov, and her fate isn't revealed

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She receives a call and tells Nick that he is now permanent CEO. It is revealed that she injects herself with nanobots to keep her condition stable and to heal her injuries caused by the explosion at calimov ( temporary cure )

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Katherine is bossy and loves telling people what to do. She thinks that she can do no wrong. When Nick Clarke is in charge of Calimov, she types up a report that she sends to the board (even though Nick had already sent one) and blamed Nick for not telling her. In Season 1, she's sly and evil and would do anything to get her hands on Project Eternity. In Season 2, Katherine isn't sly anymore but just becomes more bossy. Instead of hunting Eve, she helps her to stay safe and even builds a child robot called KT, named after herself. KT becomes really close with Eve, but then Mary Douglas took over KT and Katherine became concerned.

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