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CBBC Eve - Series 1 Trailer

CBBC Eve - Series 1 Trailer



Eve is a tv series on CBBC starring Poppy Lee Friar that follows the adventures of an artificial teenage girl named Eve, living with the Clarke family and trying to learn about human life and how to fit in. However, not everyone is for artificial intelligence and many people are out to destroy her, so Eve must keep her true self a secret from everyone - apart from her closest friends Lily and Will, of course!

Eve was first launched on CBBC on 15th January 2015 with a 13 part series. This was later followed by a Christmas special later in the year. Series 2 aired in early 2016, lasting 12 episodes. Series 3 aired later in 2016 and lasted 10 episodes. Series 4 is rumoured to start later in 2018.

It is written by a number of guest writers, but created and mostly written by Emma Reeves, co-created by David Chikwe, creative director of Blacklisted Films.


Main Cast

  • Eve – Poppy Lee Friar (Series 1-Present)
  • Will Clarke – Oliver Woollford (Series 1-Present)
  • Lily Watson – Eubha Akilade (Series 1-Present)
  • Nick Clarke – Ben Cartwright (Series 1-Present)
  • Katherine Calvin- Rhona Croker (Series 1-Present)
  • Mary Douglas – Jane Asher (Series 1-Present)
  • Abe Watson – Elijah Ayité (Series 1-Present)

Recurring Cast

  • Maddy Watson – Shonagh Price (Series 1-Present)
  • Viv Watson – Richie Campbell (Series 1-Present)
  • Zac – Billy Ashworth (Series 1-Series 3)
  • Adam – Billy Ashworth (Series 2)
  • Mr Bevan – David Ireland (Series 1)
  • Chris – Rory Barraclough (Series 1-Series 2)
  • Lord Hoffman – Michael Wildman (Series 2)
  • Rebecca Clarke – Jenny Bede (Series 2-Present)
  • Mr Gwenlan – Peter Collins (Series 2)
  • Cain – Chris Hegarty (Series 2-Present)
  • KT – Ellie Grainger (Series 2-Present)
  • Michael Hoffman – Alex Sawyer (Series 3-Present)

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