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Eve is the main character of 'Eve', played by actress Poppy Lee Friar. She has appeared in all 3 series as the main protagonist.

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Eve can sometimes be quite naive

In Series 3 she matures

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Eve has long blond hair and blue eyes.

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In Series 1

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At the very start of Series 3, Eve is joyful that she now has a sister and is eager to teach her how to act like a human and to grow to be a fully functional artificial person, like she has become. However, that relationship quickly deteriorates to mistrust and anger by the middle of Episode 1, when KT tries to get Eve to tell the world her secret, and hurts Will, so much so that Eve angrily tells KT that she isn't her sister anymore.

"No, KT. Use human words."

​- ​Eve to KT, 'Children of Eve' (3:1)

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Nick has always been very protective of Eve

In some early episodes their

In Series 1,

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Lily Watson

Abe Watson poop

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"My name is Eve. I have four protocols: Survive, Learn, Adapt, Evolve."